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Your transformers are talking. Can You Hear Them?

How It Works

Hyperion has developed a ground breaking sensing solution for large, high voltage electrical assets like Transformers.   The                 solutions is an optical fiber the size of a human hair, in lengths of up to thousands of feet, is embedded throughout a device, deep inside its core.  Then laser pulses are fired down the fiber, and the reflected frequency of the laser light is analysed to produce information about the health and status of the equipment.  This allows utilities, for the first time,  to detect what is going on everywhere deep inside the device, in real time.



Key features

• Comprehensive coverage of areas of interest, with 1000’s of sensing points, to take away guesswork used with (few) point sensors

• Only one fiber (versus many for point sensors) needed to bring back all the sensing points to the controller in the control room

• Interrogate entire fiber and all sensing locations with a single scan

• Control sensor locations and gage lengths in software

• Realize industry-leading measurement ranges (-50°C to 300°C or higher) and repeatability with extraordinary spatial resolution

• Measure temperature profiles along entire gauge length (gauge lengths up to 10km)

• Use in hazardous environments (high voltage or explosive) - fiber optic, no EM emissions/immune to EMI/RF

• Embed deep inside the asset in any location

• MODBUS, DNP and GOOSE for intelligent substation automation

• Designed for harsh substation environments (conforms to IEEE1613, IEC61850-3)



Based on the principles of stimulated Brillouin scattering, our system uses the fiber as the actual sensor, and not merely as a lead or wire for a point sensor. The BOTDA modules that we deploy are sophisticated sensor systems to measure changes in temperature as well as strain over very long lengths of optical fiber. The sensing fibers allow for the detection of strain or temperature change, allowing for potential problems to be addressed before a failure occurs. Special high temperature or harsh environment fibers are also available, to fit any deployment.

The                solution, which is fully compatible with all utility communication protocols, such as DNP, MODBUS and GOOSE, allows the asset to truly become an IoT enabled device, leading to more intelligent and efficient grid management



Our Story

The Greeks were challenged with the task to understand how a seed grows into a tree that bears fruit and feeds a population. They knew the seeds had to be exposed to sunlight, water, and soil, but how did the seed begin the process if it is covered by dirt? Hyperion was a God of light that lived in the underworld. His light would shine through the earth and begin the seeds journey to becoming a tree. In that same way, we are the light inside the depths of transformers and enhance their quality of life by providing real time temperature data. 

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to develop and world class substation hardened BOTDA for power transformers. Hyperion seeks to deliver the highest value to our customers by putting them at the heart of everything that we do. The future is sure to bring more innovation, new services and newer technology and we intend to be the bridge between these solutions and the realization of benefits to our customers. 

Our Solution

Imagine, you’re sitting next to your cat on the couch – it turns, looks you in the eye, and says “I’m hot. Can you cool it down in here?”  What if your multi million dollar asset could do the same?  Hyperion has created a way to for you to understand your equipment in the same way. With our             technology, we are able to make your device tell you its inner most secrets, with a sensor the thickness of a human hair.



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