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Anselm Viswasam MBA P.Eng. 

President & Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder

Anselm started Hyperion in July 2015 – with the intention of developing the first implementation of a distributed sensing solution for the electric grid.  Essentially, Hyperion brings assets to life by taking each of the elements that comprise a high voltage asset and adding intelligence to it.


Gerald Manuelpillai P.Eng. MASc. in Aerospace Engineering  

Vice President of Operations & Chief Technology Officer / Co-Founder

Gerald is the Chief Technology Officer and VP, Operations at Hyperion.  He is responsible for overseeing Hyperion’s strategic technology roadmap as well as looking after day to day operational and administrative functions.  Gerald co-founded Hyperion Sensors with Anselm, combining his expertise in fiber optics, with Anselm’s expertise in the utility industry, resulting in a solutions based approach that sets Hyperion apart from the rest.


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